Thursday, January 31, 2013

My late snowy Christmas

En: Guys I just arrived in paradise and I don't think I'll wanna leave soon. This little town is a fairy tale, I don't know what I wanna do first, ride the slopes or sightseeing. Will tell you more tomorrow, in the meanwhile wish me luck if I decide to go up in the mountains.
Ro: Dragii mei am ajuns in paradis si cred ca nu o sa vreau sa plec degraba de aici. Oraselul e o mica poveste. Nici nu stiu cu ce sa incep, cu partia sau cu vizitatul. Maine va impartasesc mai multe, intre timp urati-mi succes daca decid sa ma urc pe munte.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The romantic blogger

En: My dear Lalo continues with his photography studies and this time practiced the environmental portrait. I don't know if I said it right, but that is what I understood. The pictures for his homework had to represent the subject, in this case me the blogger with my laptop and my magazines, interacting with the surroundings. Sine I was already wearing my heels and my pink skirt we decided to take some extra shoots for my peach punch readers. About the outfit: it's one of my most girly ever, I have it for probably almost 3 years and I have a feeling I'll be keeping it for a long while. To clear the confusion it's not a dress, I know it looks like one, it's a duo, a skirt and a blouse, that I bought on line for less than 40$. I still  remember my surprise when I received the package and I realized the skirt and the blouse matched perfectly. 
As I was assuming in my latest post where I was justifying wearing my coat so often, in Dallas the weather got crazy with temperatures over 75F, so don't ask me if I was cold or not :D
Kisses, Dia.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

grey & black, let's hit the jackpot

En: I hope I haven't bored you with my grey coat yet. I promise it's the last post with it. This time I just wanted to show you how it looks in the mix with a dress. Also considering that in our sunny Texas February it's already spring I won't get to wear it any longer. 
A two-color look, simple but that makes me feel comfortable and at ease. I don't get to wear a lot of dresses, I usually go for the cosiness of the pants, but this dress in particular it's pretty wide around the waste and it gives me the freedom to move easily. Plus it's a double hit, weather you want to wear it at work or for a casual night out. The headband was mainly an addition to the simple image of the whole outfit, considering I barely do anything with my hair, I said I'd get at least one hair accessory, even though it was over worn for the past 2 years.
So what do you say, yay or nay?
P.S: The credit goes to my wonderful Lalo, check and like his page

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's move to New York...

En: So I guess there is a solution out there for those who want to move to New York but are claustrophobes and don't like the small studios, or for the girls who are afraid that they won't have enough space for the closet. Check this video. I was shocked and impressed by this guy's genius mind. I really admire his inventiveness, but at the same time I wouldn't consider this specimen as a potential boyfriend ever. Do you realize how anal and perfectionist he is, I bet I'd run around all day with sticker notes on my forehead for not doing the right things :D
Ro: S-a gasit solutia perfecta pentru cei care vor sa se mute in New York da-s claustrofobi, nu le plac spatiile mici, sau fetele care se tem ca nu vor avea spatiu suficient pentru garderoba, priviti video-ul de mai sus. Eu am ramas profund impresionata de acest talent, admir ingeniozitatea, dar cred ca totodata as evita un asemenea boyfriend, va dati seama cat de perfectionist e, cred ca as umbla cu stickere cu obiectii lipite pe frunte in fiecare zi :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

Socks and Heels

 En: Here in Texas we always have a dilemma, it's never too cold for pumps in winter but at the same time to me it seems weird to see women wearing just pumps or sandals with no stockings or pantyhose. It's still January, from where I come from it's the time when we rock warm boots. So I found this socks trend the optimal solution for the Texan mild cold winter days. Throw on  a pair of socks and your favorite pumps or sandals and the problem is solved in an interesting, a less boring, but most of all healthy, way. We've had an alert on this trend for the past 2 years, long socks over the knees short over the ankles they all work perfect. I like it! What about you girls?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Is red too hot for a business day?

En: I know it's Friday, that casual Friday when we can wear our jeans to work. But today's 2 pieces business mix  is more of a potential idea for a Monday. Do you remember the post 'Strictly Business' where I showed you some ideas of business outfits taken from Vogue and I promised I'd come with a personalized outfit. So here we go I kept my word and today I came up with a mix made of 2 pieces a simple but elegant shirt and a pencil skirt. The visual connection between the 2 items is the belt, the key item, very trendy at the moment, the glossy magazines tell us we can't miss having one in our closet. So just like Alinka says, let it be, if we need one we'll get one. The skirt is another smart purchase of hers if we consider the price and the quality. How cool is it to have a sister, instantly your wardrobe is two times bigger and same for her.
So if to keep the tone of the post until the end, I wish you a hot weekend just like the colors of my outfit. The red made me think of Valentine's day, one more month to go! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Skinny ripped jeans

En: I am trying to figure out how to relate coherently the jeans from today's post and one of my new year resolutions... I bet you guessed already which one, it's about loosing weight! Taking the sugar out turned to be efficient, so in a week it made it possible for me to fit into my teenager jeans :) I am exaggerating a bit, the jeans aren't that old nor am I. But certain is that I had them for a while, and they couldn't fit me for a while too :D It made me remind of that episode from Sex and the City, when Miranda finally got into her teenage skinny jeans from 1985. I tell you guys, 'cuz women know already, this is pure happiness. And like all happy endings, the girls went and celebrated with a Cosmo, or more.
Some may say I am crazy, that I have never been fat, mom will say that I am pretty anyway and who truly loves me won't care about how much weight... I say I like to be bitchy skinny, so my skinny jeans can fit me. And I will be, in a week or more, haven't hit the scale low enough yet. And that's when I'll need a Cosmo too!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Royal Blue Jan

En: The salvation of shopaholics like me is many times T.J.Maxx. I bet you've heard before about this great outlet. You can find awesome things at awesome prices. Like this shirt-dress for example. Just when I said I'm done with shopping for a while...
I found it when I was actually looking for some towels, now you can imagine the towels and the clothes are in different departments, but I guess temptation is the biggest sin us women inherited from Eva. It's just impossible to go to a store just for towels. The argument that saved my honor in front of my own conscience was that it costed only 20$. So no regrets at all, especially when I cut its textile belt and made it a headband. This way I look more girlie.
How do you like it?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year thoughts

En: Here we go, we've entered the new year, maybe back home the holiday spirit is still in, considering that our people celebrate the Christmas on the 7th of January, but here in Texas it's gone, like December was never before January. Work started, I started actively my diet on the 3rd.
Naturally i couldn't start it on the 1st as we were hangover and there was still plenty of food from the NYE's dinner. No alarm, I am not going to starve, I've just cut the sugar out for 2 weeks, that means no bred, nor rice, no potatoes, pasta or anything else that contains carbohydrates. It's basically a lot of vegetables and fish. I consider it a detox process as well. Just in time to fit in a smaller size for the semi annual sales. Even though I am not in the mood for shopping, as banal it may sound. Maybe because the Christmas present chase got me exhausted, I don't want to go again through crowded stores and fitting rooms. This beginning of year I want something less ephemeral that the commercial trends. So I created a list, that reflects some long terms resolutions and habits that I will try to inherit this year.