Monday, December 31, 2012

Let the countdown begin!

En: I like beginnings, I definitely don't like endings but New Years Eve is a paradox. Everybody is happy and cheerful, because just as a normal circle it's another start that brings chances to make new resolutions and to burry the bad moments of the past year and cheer the good ones. I wish you all the happiness in the world, may the new year bring you the best moments of your life and dream high, but don't forget to include in your dreams your dearest ones. Nothing makes us feel better than sharing the accomplishments with the ones we love.
For the new year, besides the natural wishes of being healthy and successful, I wish I spent less time on Facebook and Internet overall and spend my free time more wisely. God help me!  
Below,  Lalo and I prepared a few shots hopefully to your delight. It's my New Year's Eve outfit, black and simple, the last attribute defines me or who I am trying to be day by day.
Happy New Year my darlings, let the countdown begin!
P.S: By the way 13 is one of my lucky numbers :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Do svidanya, komrad!

En: The movie of this weekend... I can't decide! I have two choices, both comedies, both great according to the reviews. Below are the trailers. 
But I think the 'is that clear komrad, do svidanya..' convinced me and I'll go for the 1st one.
Enjoy your weekend, Monday is the big party, can't wait!!!
Ro: Azi vin cu filmul acestui weekend, sau filmele, nu ma pot decide, am doua optiuni, si ambele grozave daca e sa iau in consideratie recomandarile. Mai jos vedeti trailer-ele... Da cred ca dupa faza cu 'is that clear komrad?' si 'do svidanya!' merg pe primul!
Sa aveti parte de un weekend superb, luni e petrecerea cea mare!!! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter is cool

En: Less has remained of the Christmas snow but the city decorations, the spirit and the cold. Now we have to wear coats, well I also want to, the wardrobe variation is always welcome.
But because in Texas you never know if there is going to be winter or not and shall we go for a trendy coat which can expire in 3 months, because we may not even wear it. I say it's always good to go by the classic cut as it never fades.
Today I've prepared a simple but cute look, proper for work and school in winter time. 
I hope you like it, meanwhile I am leaving for work dressed just like that!
P.S: As you can see the signature on the pictures, it is my amazing friend Lalo who took them, now he has a website check it

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas magic

Golden Holiday
En: I really liked the way a blogger said a few days ago, I advise you to shine for holidays. I totally agree. Many of you will categorically say yes to red, the Christmas color, I say go for the colors you like the most, that make you feel your best and shine with happiness. It's Christmas Eve, and I'd like to wish you all Merry Christmas.
I hope you all find the wanted presents under the trees but most important that you get to enjoy it next to your beloved ones, gather the desired people around the dinner table because in the end a wish or a toast coming over the table from a person dear to your soul matters more than any present we've put on that wish list a month ago. 
Me personally when I make a whish-list with the things I want are mainly things I plan to buy by myself for myself. But the kind of wishes I make when I blow the candles on the cake, or when a star is falling or when toasting with my dear ones at the Christmas table are about something more than those on an ephemeral shopping list.
So girls, I wish you a gorgeous Christmas party, have your men stare at you and poor champagne all night and let your mommies spoil you with their  best recipes. Don't worry about ganing weight or working out, at the end that is why we make new year resolutions.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The movie of the weekend

En: The trailer made me thing mainly about one thing, how will we create healthy kids in an era threatened by technologies? If us the future parents are so addicted to facebook and other stuff, how will they be?
Ro: Trailerul m-a pus pe ganduri, cum facem copii sanatosi intr-o epoca amenintata de tehnologii? Daca noi viitorii parinti suntem atat de afectati de facebook si altele, cum vor fi ei?

 En: P.S: Tomorrow I'll prepare the Christmas menu, not a fan of the sponge cake but my traditional 'racituri' and 'sarmale' yes! What will you cook?

 Ro: P.S: Maine pregatim meniul de Craciun, nu sunt fana a cozonacului, dar racituri si sarmale am zis ca gatesc numaidecit! Voi ce pregatiti?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Society of women who love shoes

En: And because around holidays we tend to remember those who are less happy than us, the girls and I attended a charity event organized by the 'Society of women who love shoes'.
This is an organization that focuses it's efforts and total activity to support and prevent the women and families who are physically abused. According to the study revealed on their webpage, one in four women are physically abused. Sad but true. We went to support the concept. I personally donated a pair of shoes that I bought a few months ago but never got to wear them as well a dress and bag. I truly hope someone will get to enjoy the few things donated, at the end shoes, make us women happy but not everyone gets to buy them.
The charity events where people gather to drink champagne and have fun tend to sound banal when we talk about sad phenomenons like physical abuse. But at the end I believe that besides the raised funds and the gathered goods it is about giving an example to those who suffer. It is the 21st century outside and if a relationship doesn't work a woman can and does have the right to make a decision to go on and be happy without the person that hurts her or her kids.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas lights

En: Yes, Dallas may not have the snow and ice snowflakes on the windows but we do have the Christmas spirit. Lights, music, shop displays... everything says Christmas. If last year I checked the North-pole Wine Trains and Gaylord ice show in Grapevine, yesterday I went to Frisco to check the largest choreographed holiday lights and music in North Texas.
It is gorgeous, if you are in the area go, take your friends and kids and spend a wonderful evening. It's worth the drive, because we are waiting a whole year for this amazing holiday and time flies so fast that in less than a week none of these decorations and atmosphere will be there anymore. The pictures and the video below confirm what I just said above.
I tried to fit in the multicolor popping-out decor so I put on my neon sweater (that I was bragging about for the last couple of days), a blue skirt and because it's the season of the head accessories of course a beret. That's all I've got, how do you like that :)?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Going camouflage

En: This fall we rediscover the camouflage print in glam outfits, as Andreea Raicu says. Her online magazine is one of my favorite websites from Romania. It's that spot where a woman can find information about everything from style, fashion to food and work out.
If you speak or understand Romanian I, fully, recommend you to check it out. Going back to (Army style or the Army look), we've noticed the viral tendency of having such an item being part of a chic outfit. That's what I tried to do as well. Well, I didn't go necessarily for the chic, I would call it rather a smart-casual-chic. The last attribute was brought in only by adding the ankle boots on heels. The military shirt from Zara had been on my wish-list since September, but I only managed to get it a few weeks ago. Is that kind of shirt that you can pair up with some leather leggings and pumps and be ready for club or with some jeans and tennis shoes when you need to leave the house in less than 5 minutes. Not demanding at all, but the spikes definitely (attempt or tend) to give an extra rock and rebellious look.
What do you say, is it an yay or nay?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Into a blue sky and a trench coat!

En: A blue sky that reflects the same blue in the water. Sometimes we need a fraction of a second to realize that we live in a beautiful world....
We keep enjoying December in our Texas way, but still hating those who walk in snow at the moment.  And because temperatures keep up with my warm soul I can't give up to calm colors. The outfit is a simple one, my favorite effortless style, basic boyfriend jeans, a tucked in shirt and a beige trench coat. You may have noticed I am into plane shirts that add minimal colors to the edges, just enough to bring some contrast. Talking about contrast, how ready are you for the bloody red Christmas? I so can't wait for the next long weekend. Even though I am not totally done with the Christmas presents shopping. I promised myself this year I won't wait until the 24th to be done. Enjoy your week, 2012 it's almost done. I am not happy about time flying fast but I guess just as a normal paradox happy for whatever the new year is about to bring.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1 Year of blogging and bragging!

En: OK, anniversaries are something women typically don't forget. Well I did, I forgot about my blog's one year anniversary. On December 3rd it's been a year since I created the blog, a year since I promised to show you how to do a real peach punch drink and still didn't, a year of taking more pictures than in any other of my life, a year of sharing, of experimenting and of learning together with you how to dress.
Thank you all for your support, critique and feedback, I appreciate it all and I am waiting for more. I am not proud of every post or outfit, below I recall the ones that I like the most. Enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Passion meets beauty

En: It was Saturday, I was still sleepy that morning, when I called Lalo on my way to downtown to ask if there is any Starbucks on Main street. To my biggest disappointment he told me there was one that recently just closed. I am not a coffee drinker but that morning I was so in the mood for a sweet & hot 'fufu' drink. Arrived at Lalo's apartment still thinking about the damn caffeine  when he was like who wants a mimosa. Oh great, mimosas at 9 in the morning. I guess it worked fine for the introductory conversation with the model and the make up artist.
Below is the final result of the photo shoot I was bragging about last week. My friend Lalo continues to work on his passion and extends his portfolio with the gorgeous model Chandia.  My contribution was choosing the clothes and accessories and  style them out. I want to ask you a huge favor, besides leaving your feedback which will be highly appreciated, please go to and like his page and see his other great work. You won't regret.
Another good news, holidays are coming to Dallas too, we've got some cold temperatures this morning, -2 on Celsius. Yay, now I can feel the Christmas spirit closer!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sunset colors

En: Many thoughts. Sorry I don't have much to say today, maybe because it's too nice outside, maybe Christmas is too close, maybe it is too Friday to keep thinking about words...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Women steal men's ties

En: I like the idea of a women wearing a tie. You have probably noticed me wearing a bow-tie in few of my outfits. You can find them in a huge variety from polka dots to multicolors. I've never worn a tie before, but the idea tempts me.
We've all noticed that the designers trending the tie in their female collection for fall/winter 2012/2013. And I find it perfectly fine considering that they brought to the catwalk such masculine suites, with geometric and even gothic forms. Below you can see some cool examples.
I promise to exercise a bit in my closet and come with a personalized outfit. I am excited about the idea. 
Women are rocking the business world.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The front of French effortless chic

En: I had the idea of a new article section about women that inspire a while ago, but got to write about it only now. As the first row model I chose Emanuelle Alt. Some of you may ask why. Personally I think she is a true representative of all Western European Women.
Always looking impeccable, effortless, natural make-up and hair, that rocker chic style that I am crazy about. This woman inspires me, because she gets attention but not necessarily by showing off tons of jewelry and extravagant looks like Anna dello Russo, but by being simple and natural. Because of this many fashion critics and bloggers didn't believe in her when she was appointed editor in chief of Vogue France.  I think there couldn't be a better option. She later convinced everyone that her favored, 3 piece style (skinny jeans, t-shirt and blazer) does not affect the look of magazine.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Yellow sweater

En: I heard many times people around me saying yellow is my color, actually I knew it since I was a kid. I remember I was 10 years old and I had a yellow sweater that I used to wear a lot, I thought it lightened my face.
It truly did, at that time I was wearing my natural hair color - dark brown. Last winter I found this cute bright yellow at Stein Mart, now that I write the article, I remember it, because the other day a lady was asking me where did I get it from and I couldn't remember. That's the beauty of the outlets, you can find cute things at good prices. Certainly is that this bright piece got a lot of compliments all day, and me of course I liked it.
The border line of my frames is yellow too, I thought it would be a cute combination. 
Anyway enough bragging about my sweater, I wish you a sunny-happy week, just like the main color of this post. Enjoy, Christmas is very, very close.