Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend forecast

Lately I adopted a few rules regarding my lifestyle. So if I am in the mood for clubbing, then it has to be only Friday, Saturday it's meant for healthy relaxing activities like gym, massage, movie, shopping, studying (this GMAt is killing me), etc, and Sunday same thing but in the morning I said to myself to allocate some time for the the spirit, so sometimes  church, sometimes meditation in the park. I don't know, I guess I am getting older, or wiser, or you name it :).
So going back to Fridays, yesterday it was the day, so got to check out an outlet for some sales, got a few good deals, like a Michael Kors clutch for half price, a cute pink Buffalo coat - same deal 50% off, and a cute muti-color mini-dress for 7$. Now you would say good deals, it's the sales season, but I will say no, in US all year around it's sale, fall, spring, summer, really it does not matter that much, the merchants will always come up with something good at a good price to keep them buyers aka dollars come.
And then I went to check out the big city night life, but not without taking a few pics before heading out.
Have a beautiful healthy weekend my dears, and don't hesitate to praise or criticize me :).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poncho discovery

I'll tell you one reason why blogging is interesting for me personally. It stimulates me to check better and deeper into my closet, to find things that I've been having for a while (months, years) and I haven't worn, like the poncho you can see below. Most of the time in the morning I get so lazy and moody that I don't want to think too much of what I would wear that day, and I get in the same jeans that I wore the previous day. Now when it comes to up-date the blog, I get active, turn my engine on and here we go, mission accomplished, I find some old goodies and I get to refresh the wardrobe for the next day.
Lately the trends adopted all knit items and also all large  items, so it seems the poncho I got last year from Forever21 for only 25$ is trendy and actual this year too.
Enjoy the result my friends!
Also because I care of you and I don't want you to get bored of my face, I have also uploaded few pics of some celebrities and their ponchos, let's see who's your favorite?

Ciara's poncho is my favorite

 If you follow Kim, you can notice she is a poncho lover, she has lots of them.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dallas street style

This post is dedicated exclusively to Dallas and for those who think that on the streets of my beautiful city you meet only cowboys. This is totally wrong. We do have fashion oriented people that despite the well know carefree american style, they care about the way they look when leaving the house.
Please enjoy a few pics and the view and keep in mind Texas loves fashion as well :)! Have a beautiful weekend my dears!


And of course an older pic of mine and my sister on a chill day in downtown Dallas!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zara phenomenon

This post is dedicated to Zara fast fashion concept. I surely don't know another fashion brand which is as popular as this  one is, having 1700 stores in over 78 countries. As much as H&M and Forever 21 are trying to catch up, it just doesn't work, first of all because the quality of the items that the first one provides is much better than the other two. You can rely on their shoes, bags, jewelry and everything else. The second argument would be that they have a better, trendier and more upscale selection (personal opinion). Zara has higher prices than the other two, but still remains in the affordable category. 
The passion of the blogosphere for this brand is growing up every day, even tho there is the risk of not being unique, which actually happens very often, I mean look at me in the pics below: Zara scarf, Zara sweater, Zara jeans, Zara bag. Don't get me wrong I never pretended to have an unique style, I am just trying to accentuate how far this fast fashion store has gotten and how much influence it has on our generation.
Since I already mentioned the brandname of most of the items I wear in the pictures below (which I usually don't like to do), I 'll refer to the boots as Colin Stuart, and glasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
Please enjoy the post, and also note what a beautiful, sunny January we're having in Dallas.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My first haute couture experience (Jean Paul Gaultier)

Today I went to see the exhibition devoted to Jean Paul Gaultier and his designer label 35th anniversary, at Dallas Museum of Art. I was lucky to have the opportunity to check out this big event, as the international tour included only 2 cities in U.S (Dallas and San Francisco), two cities in Europe (Madrid and Rotterdam) and one city in Canada (Montreal). Actually the whole event was initiated, developed and circulated by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and then the exhibition embarked for the other cities.
The exhibition featured approximately 140 pieces from the designers haute couture collections and also few from his pret-a-porter lines, personal sketches, the famous cone corsets so much loved by Madonna and her crazy fan Lady Gaga (Madonna wanna be). The creations date since early 1970 until late 2010. For me it was amazing to see how hand made dresses created in 160 hours look like and to understand why are they worth 5 digits $.
Well, my word of honor I was really impressed, as the most important thing that I understood from what I've seen today is that it takes enormous work, dedication and visualization to create a career, it doesn't matter in what field/industry. This exhibition was my first of its kind, and it was not only pleasant for the eye, but as well for the soul, as it inspires and motivates to work hard and do in life whatever you like the most, in order for your work to be a hobby and not a job.
P.S: Again I apologize for the quality of the pics, as inside the museum it was prohibited to take pictures, but for the sake of the blog, I managed to cheat a lil'bit with the phone.


 I loved the idea of the off-handed catwalk

This was one of my favorites, which was said to be hand made in 148 hours.
Luckily I could find it on google for a better view.
Jean Paul Gaultier cow-boy/girl pret-a-porter collection, I want to believe it was created especially for 
Dallas :)

Autograph for us as well

For a better comprehension of all related above I will attach a video of the exhibition in Montreal, where the designer was present at the opening.