Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jumpsuits passion!

Lately I discovered I have a passion for the jumpsuits. I was checking the other day and I've seen a picture that inspired me, and made me realize I don't have something like this in my wardrobe, actually I do have one, a black jumpsuit from Express, but that one is pretty simple and is 2 years old. So a fast option to find something that I like was, found and ordered two of them a blue and a light green one, you can see them below. I haven't received them yet, but I hope when I will they fit me well.
Also you can check some inspirational celebrity jumpsuit looks.

 Vicky like always stunning!
 For a casual look I'd love Rihanna's jeans jumpsuit.
This classic gorgeous model can be pulled out perfectly if you are the lucky owner of some long-long legs!
 If you are as eccentric as Amber Rose, then I am your fan too!
Royal Blue makes every outfit stunning!
My favourite of all!
 Well as you can see there are many options, and this trend is not something new, but it is definitely something that persists!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Disney dream!

The last day in Orlando I decided to make it the most beautiful of all. You may think this post is a 'bit childish but you have to admit Disney is the dream of every kid, I am not trying to justify myself, deep inside my heart I am a child, and I have always loved cartoons. Until this moment I remember the Walt Disney cartoons ending with Lake Buena Vista castle and the fireworks above it, so lovely, so fairy-tale style. I was thinking the other day that if I would have had the chance to visit Disney back then in my early 10's I would have probably lost my consciousness:). Anyway don't judge too hard, I had an amazing afternoon. I got a t-shirt with the glamorous Minnie, I put my dirty beige boots on, and walked around like crazy.
Please enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint Patrick's day in Orlando

After Le Mans raceway in Siebring, we came back to Orlando, and went sightseeing the downtown. I love visiting new places, it doesn't matter where, what country or continent. I am always looking forward to finding something new. You might say US cities are similar, and you may be right, but all of them have something specific. Orlando is very green, has a lot of lakes around the city, and lots of palm trees, which Dallas is missing in order to look exotic.
It was the Saint Patrick's day weekend, so we met lots of people on the street on closed boulevards. Because it is an Irish holiday represented by the green color there was green everywhere: green fountains, green beer, green skirts, even green skilts.
Florida was very hot and sunny +30 on Celsius or 90 on Farenheit, so I got to wear my new D&G lovely sunnies. For the rest I wore a good mood and a big smile, so my weekend was perfect. Hope yours was the same. Now looking forward to a great week ahead, but I know is going to be a crazy busy one.
Loved the idea and her long legs!
 This skirt is a killer!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend fun in Florida

This weekend, I flew to Florida, for the Le Mans 12 hours race in Sebring. The company I work for sponsored one of the cars, more exactly one of the Lotus, so we came to have some fun. It was my first experience of this kind, what can I say, I guess it's more of a boys thing: fast cars, crazy engines, 200 miles per hour and lots of adrenaline (check the video below). Unfortunately we were a bit late so I didn't get to take pics with the team car that had our logo on it, I would have been proud to show it to you, as it was designed by some talented guys from my country (Moldova), the company name is RT Design. For the rest typical american style fair: lots of beers, hamburgers, huge advertisement, cars exhibitions, fun and socializing. 
In the afternoon we went to Orlando for city sightseeing and got stocked in downtown until midnight for the Saint Patrick's day, but about this in the next post. 
I am going to have some rest after an exciting and exhausting day, because tomorrow is the big fun at Disney world. Yes, yes, yes, please don't hate :))))
Caught some fireworks in the background!
Girls, a lil' tip, the pilots are one of the most good looking men :P
 Who's a fan of the Ferrari, here we go a close caption when pulling off for a quick recharge!

Viva Saint Patrick's weekend!
This is the perfect color for my car!
Do you need a ride!
 Some focus!
 Bye, bye Sebring, see you next time don't know when!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rest, eat, love!

Sunday is the 7th day of the week. Magic number, magic day, the day of the Sun. I feel different on Sundays, I feel it's holiday. Probably because since I was a kid grandma would teach me that working on Sunday is prohibited, and rest that day is strict. Well as a good granddaughter that I pretend to be, I am trying to obey my grandma's say, and make my Sundays as peaceful and delightful as possible.
This weekend wasn't an exception. Since in Dallas is officially spring again, no more low temperatures, I went for sunglasses shopping (I will brag about them in the next post), then for a lovely movie ' The vow' which I fully recommend you to watch (especially if you recently had a fight with your beloved one) and obviously for sushi (ahh, why are there sushi restaurants everywhere in Texas, more than the tex-mex ones, I became addicted)...
So here we go, it's Monday again, time to be productive, creative and to become rich!
I got orange laces for this particular shoes, I think they look better this way :)
Tullips, love them!
 Sometimes I make weird faces!
 My favorite flower arrangement at the mall!