Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nail trend alert

En: The new nail trend this season says we should match our mani with our clothes. I find the idea interesting but I don't know how practical it is. Me personally I don't have enough time to paint my nails a different color  everyday. I could if I would wake up 30 minutes earlier.... funny, but I am definitely not ready to sacrifice my beauty sleep. Anyway, to approach the topic more seriously I think the trend reffers to special occasions, events, maybe if you want to make a weekend day outfit brighter.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The epitome of coolness

En: I'm going on with an article from the series 'women that make us think and want more from life'. Today I chose Miroslava Duma. Much has been written about her and much more will be, because the lady heavily inspires plenty of us. Today I'll give you 4 reasons why I like her, beside the fact she is super stylish.
Ro: Continuam seria articolelor despre femeile care ne dau de gandit si de dorit mai multe de la viata. Azi am ales-o pe Mira Duma. Despre ea s-au scris multe si inca o sa se mai scrie, pentru ca fatuca inspira la greu. Astazi o sa va dau 4 motive pentru care mie-mi place de ea, inafara de faptul ca e super stylish.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mini trend - mini skirt

En: Now I've got it too - the new micro trend fever, the leather miniskirt. I wasn't a fan of it before, but this post it's clear proof people change. I like it mainly because it's chic and sporty at the same time and I can wear it both with tennis shoes and pumps. It's edgy enough to allow me to create a contrast look whenever I want. The blouse is from faux leather applications as well. Black&white, two star colors of the season when put together are one of my favorite trends.
Can't tell much, it's too pretty outside to be in front of the computer typing. Leaving to go get some clothes altered (another sign that spirng is here), have a tres leches cake on the patio of some of Taco Diner and maybe some tennis after all.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mieux and mieux, it's getting better and better

En: Yesterday I went to visit a friend of mine that I have not seen in a while to see what has she been up to lately, to realize, when I got to the place of destination that she is doing great. Kelsey has opened a thrift and consignment store called Mieux and Mieux right in the heart of uptown, that is looking super cute. I wanted to stay there all day, I guess that says a lot about the atmosphere. And she managed to get a big stock of super cute and colorful clothes that sell at awesome prices. To own a clothing boutique may seem a caprice to some people, but when the owner is a 21 year girl that says a lot to me about her entrepreneurial skills. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's here

En: Alinka wishes you a happy, colorful spring. Laugh and be positive! Girls share smiles, boys give flowers, all of you make new friends and cheer the old good ones! 
I've already seen a few trees in flower in Dallas, can't wait for the whole city to turn into a white party!
Ro: Alinutsa va ureaza o primavara super colorata si fericita. Zambiti, fiti pozitivi! Fetele, impartasiti zambete! Baietii, daruiti flori! Legati prietenii noi si pretuiti-le pe cele vechi!
In Dallas unii copaci au dat deja in floare. Abia astept ca tot orasul sa se transforme intr-o petrecere alba.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meet my pretty city

En: We caught a sunny day and I thought we caught the spring. Not so easy, now that I'm checking my weather app. I've put on my floral shirt and pants, my bow stilettos and went to take some pics with Lalo. We went to a beautiful place in South Dalls, that he discovered, perfect for so many things, pictures, walks, etc.... So if you are a hopeless romantic you can take your girlfriend/boyfriend to view the sunset. If you are a fan of the 'Dallas' series you've probably seen images of this spot and for sure 'The Reunion Tower. One of the most beautiful monument buildings of the city. I personally love taking friends who visit me from other cities there. If you are curious to know what is it so special about the tower, I'll answer you: it has a gorgeous 360 degrees view over downtown, the top itself rotates all the time and that allows to see the whole downtown. So if you love traveling and you're curious to see Texas, come visit us?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Amazing Spring

En: I buy glossy magazines only when traveling. Otherwise, I am not really tempted to purchase them, probably because it's easier to open any fashion website and virtually look for what I need, or check their electronic version on the iPad. Last time I bought several of these was when we left for Colorado, I had to keep myself busy during our 13 hours trip. So I got Elle, GQ and Cosmopolitan. The first two were a big disappointment from the start providing barely a vague informative content. The third one was a better choice for having more interesting articles from real life, for real women. But as a general observation the main reason us girls buy magazines, is clearly, to check the upcoming seasonal trends, because watching the designer shows and all sort of catwalk shots doesn't help to define the trends all the way. So this was a topic I wanted to process and post here for a while and managed to do it only now. So let's begin!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Look changes

En: A sign that spring is on its way is given by us women when we start changing things about us. Whether it is the haircut, the hair color, loosing weight or getting a new closet. The first change that Alinka decided to make this spring started from the top, she got ombre hair, a really light one that can be easily noticed and that I think looks great on her. She has always been bolder than me and definitely had more courage experimenting with her hair than I did. I still remember the day when she came home with blonde highlights, and she was only in the 8th grade back then. 
I trully believe that for us women look changes are very important in order to get that good feeling about and with ourself, the inner comfort that we usually obtain when we like the way we look. This is why girls, if you have any metamorphosis wishes don't hesitate to accomplish them, it's that season when everything gets a new life, so why don't you give one to your hair, body and maybe soul if needed.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's on there Wednesday nights

En: Today about the show that is stealing  my Wednesday nights every week. I've only watched two episodes and I can certainly say it becomes addictive. From the start I can say it's stealing all the attention for the simple fact it has the legendary Naomi Campbell, the charismatic Coco Rocha and the beautiful Karolina Kurkova as mentor for the girls fighting to become 'The Face'. Even guys would probably be delighted to watch such a delightful cat fight stormed by the fiesty Naomi, see the hilarious faces Rocha makes and the sexy tight outfits of Kurkova. It's pretty clear in this competition I am not crossing fingers for any of the participants, I am watching it for the sake of the drama of the mentors. It's clear Naomi doesn't have talent only for modeling, she could easily be a reality show drama queen as well. I am a fan of Coco, because as I just said she has lots of charisma, she's funny and of course beautiful, I like Karolina as well, she's humble and intelligent. So I can't decide yet.
We'll see whose team wins. As I told you it's not about which model wins it's about who is the mentor of the model who wins. I would love to see one of Coco's or KK's girl win, so we can have a fiery finale with Naomi storming out on everyone. 
Who said I don't like soap operas. Tune on girls :)
Ro: Azi, despre show-ul care-mi fura in fiecare saptamana serile de miercuri. Am privit deja 2 episoade si pot spune cert ca devine 'addictive'. Din start captiveaza, avandu-le in rol de mentori pentru cele 3 echipe de fete care lupta pentru titlul 'The Face', pe cele mai tari dive ale modelingului, cu legendara pantera neagra Naomi Campbell, continuand cu carismatica Coco Rocha si frumoasa Karolina Kurkova. Un show la care s-ar uita si barbatii zic eu, ca sa-i vada accesele tafnoase de super diva ale lui Naomi, pana la fetele hilare pe care le face Rocha. E clar in aceasta competitie nu stau sa tin pumnii cuiva, stau sa vada drama 'educatoarelor' si va spun sigur Naomi stie sa faca show. Sunt fana Coco, e cum am mai spus carismatica, hilara si foarte frumoasa, dar si Karolina imi place pentru ca e simpla si foarte inteligenta, deci inca nu ma pot decide.
Ramane de vazut a cui echipa castiga, cum va ziceam nu e despre care model va invinge, e despre care mentor. Mi-ar place sa vad castigand o fata de-a lui Coco sau Kurkova, ca sa avem un deznodamant ce ar incununa cu o Naomi suparata foc.
Deci o telenovela adevarata, daca vreti o seara cu zambete tune on.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting back to work

En: The second part of the shooting in the studio from last Sunday with Lalo. I'd call it bolder. We approached the topic of the work dress-code in an artistic way. The message of the whole thing is, style and fashion as forms of expression can help us get out of the daily work routine. If mixing interesting, colorful pieces with funky accessories (like glasses, in my case I don't need them for my vision) we can get a fun look that'll make our day more fun. Don't go for the blazer and no bra :) that was just for the shoot. 
Whether you agree or not with my point of view have a wonderful day at work and at home too!

Ro: A doua parte a shootingului in studio cu Lalo din duminica trecuta as numi-o probabil mai indrazneata. Am abordat tema job-ului si a dress code-ului, intr-o maniera mai artistica, mesajul ar fi: moda si stilul ca forme de exprimare ne pot ajuta sa iesim din rutina zilnica a servciului. Desigur nu mergem in sacou si fara sutien, dar mixand piese colorate, accesorii diferite ca ochelarii (in cazul meu nu ii am nevoie pentru a vedea mai bine) putem obtine un look fun care sa ne faca ziua mai vesela.
Si daca suntei de acord cu mine sau nu sa aveti o saptamana cat mai reusita atat la servici cat si acasa!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Did you guys know? There's a kids fashion week...

En: We are all aware of the fashion weeks going on each year, honestly even if I am a style blogger 'till not long ago I didn't know their order, but a search on wikipedia saved my ignorance. Anyway this is not what I wanted to tell you about, it's the first kids fashion week I wanted to talk. Officially called Global Kids Fashion Week, it will happen the 19 and 20 of March in London. The ones who came with the idea are the people behind the online kids store The program will include a public show with a runaway presentation and a press conference after that will explain the tendencies. So if you want your kid to not loose any trend make sure you make it in time for the conference. Few brands that accepted to participate the first year are Junior Gaultier, Little Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Rachel Riley, Monster Kids. 
Now I am asking myself a question, I get it is a marketing platform, but do we really need it, or it's an imminent process considering that us future parents are so much into fashion, clothes and all sorts of material staff. I know I'll wanna dress my kid nice, but I don't think I'll urge the necessity to have on him the latest trends, just like I don't do it myself either. Backing up my doubts I am still curious to see what this  kids fashion week will look like, as I've always loved pics with the little fashion street stylers, they crack me up, see some below. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's day make-up!

En: You all know I am not really good with make-up, so I said I'd show you what other people much more talented than I am do for Valentine's Day. Whether you go to a restaurant, a club or if you like looking your best even when serving dinner to your bebe at home here are two suggestions. The first video recommends a more neutral look with a purple accent. The second one is a bit more extravagant, if you want to go pink all the way just like Valentine's Day requires.  Blonds or brunettes, there are options for everyone. The girls are 2 famous bloggers, really good at what they are doing, making a living out of it. From the beginning I admit I don't have the whole arsenal of make-up products and brushes as they do, as probably many of you don't, but I will definitely give it a try to the first example with what I have at the moment (tonight will be the rehearsal for tomorrow). I always go for the simple things and neutral colors, not really being the type of person willing to show off not even for Valentine's. You girls go for what you like the most and feel comfortable wearing. 
Kisses! Later on don't forget to tell me about how you did.

Ro: Si cum eu nu stau bine cu ale make-up-ului am zis sa va arat ce fac alte fete mai talentate ca mine de Valentine's day, in caz ca mergeti la o cina romantica la restaurant sau in club, sau poate daca va place sa aratati de 10 si atunci cand ii serviti cina iubitului acasa. Doua idei oarecum similare. Primul video e daca vreti sa mergeti pe culori mai neutre cu un mic accent violet. Al doilea e daca vreti sa mizati pe un look tottally pink asa cum cere sarbatoarea. Blonde sau brunte, optiuni sunt pentru toate. Fetele sunt 2 bloggeritse mesterite, super cunoscute, care la sigur isi stiu treaba. Din start recunosc ca nu am tot arsenalul de produse si perii de care dispun ele, presupun ca si multe din voi, dar cred ca o sa incerc sa imit primul tutorial (chiar azi seara ca o repetitie generala), eu mizand mai mereu pe simplu, nu arde in mine acea dorinta de a epata si eclipsa nici de Valentine's :) Voi insa nu va jenati, mergeti pe ce va cere inimioara.
V-am pupat! Mai tarziu imi povestiti ce v-a iesit!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Studio Project 1

En: If I remember well it's my first experience of this kind. I've done shootings before, but never in the studio, and never with a make-up&hair stylist helping me create the look. It was Lalo's idea, of course I couldn't say no, I never do :D I wanted something different, especially from the hair. Since I cut it bob 3 years ago, I haven't done much with it, just probably a few failed attempts to curl it. I wanted a super feminine look, as spring is almost here, Valentine's day is a few hours away and women's day also very close. Many occasions for us women to want to look special and better than ever. To get an extra feminine image I went for a satin fluffy skirt and a fine ivory corset. The green emerald stilettos and necklace add just enough color. The super voluminous hair is my favorite element of the shooting, I am loving the result, the hair stylist gave me some tips and now I think I can do it home myself, at least I will definitely try. 
Anyway, long story short, I really hope you like the result. I will be waiting for your opinions. Have a wonderful day, it's the week of love. May everyone's heart be pulsing fast and hard!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby blue in my living room

En: Today I'm coming again with an example which perfectly shows that us women get easily bored with things surrounding us, in my case the decor in my apartment. And because I don't own my house yet and I don't have the perfect design I always find things to change and make look better. This time I said I'll mess with my couches. Well, this is not an item you'd buy daily so I decided the perfect solution would be buying covers for sofas. I went to IKEA (of course, where else) and found the baby blue I've been wanting for a while that I matched with yellow pillows and red to heat up the spirits (here I'm joking). As you probably realized already I love colors, but the best advantage of these covers is that you can easily take them off and wash if needed, are relatively cheap for 70$ I can get another color in case I start getting tired of the baby blue. For the last details I rearranged the corner and changed a few paintings and the whole living room was refreshed. 
This weekend, party at my house :D!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Long Forgotten Sequins

En: Is it just me or you girls do the same, wear always the newest additions to the closet and forget about the old ones that are still in a good shape and looking OK. For instance, these sequin boots that my sister gave to me on my birthday last year, and I totally forgot this year. Yeah maybe sequins are not trendy anymore but still the boots are different and worth keeping. I also found these sequin vest deep in the darkest corner, it seems I've had it for more than 4 years. So I guess digging a bit more in the closet, finding forgotten stuff is worth the effort,  you reinvent, you exercise, suddenly the wardrobe is not so boring anymore. Considering we women tend to be easily bored with even the cutest items, giving new life to old makes for a fun afternoon.
Have a great week guys, and let me know what you find on your forgotten hidden shelves!

Monday, February 4, 2013

'Magic Color'-ado

En: The last 5 days were a soul healer for me. I can finally affirm that I felt the real winter, and I can finally stop moaning about Texas lacking one. My feet and arms still hurt from falling down so many times. But I am happy that I learned how to ski, considering I am so bad at sports that even my cat is more agile than me. It was that kind of vacation that when you get back you are more tired than you left. But the effort was totally worth it. I took a huge amount of pictures I thought my Instagram would explode and I had to charge my phone twice a day. The destination was Breckenridge, Colorado, a resort that I fully recommend for those who haven't gone yet this winter but want to or need a reference for next year. It's a beautiful town, at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains, with that old historical downtown, with little houses from the 1800's that instantly make you think of the gold diggers back in the days. Well, anyway pictures will say more than I ever could. Have a good one guys! 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

My late snowy Christmas

En: Guys I just arrived in paradise and I don't think I'll wanna leave soon. This little town is a fairy tale, I don't know what I wanna do first, ride the slopes or sightseeing. Will tell you more tomorrow, in the meanwhile wish me luck if I decide to go up in the mountains.
Ro: Dragii mei am ajuns in paradis si cred ca nu o sa vreau sa plec degraba de aici. Oraselul e o mica poveste. Nici nu stiu cu ce sa incep, cu partia sau cu vizitatul. Maine va impartasesc mai multe, intre timp urati-mi succes daca decid sa ma urc pe munte.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The romantic blogger

En: My dear Lalo continues with his photography studies and this time practiced the environmental portrait. I don't know if I said it right, but that is what I understood. The pictures for his homework had to represent the subject, in this case me the blogger with my laptop and my magazines, interacting with the surroundings. Sine I was already wearing my heels and my pink skirt we decided to take some extra shoots for my peach punch readers. About the outfit: it's one of my most girly ever, I have it for probably almost 3 years and I have a feeling I'll be keeping it for a long while. To clear the confusion it's not a dress, I know it looks like one, it's a duo, a skirt and a blouse, that I bought on line for less than 40$. I still  remember my surprise when I received the package and I realized the skirt and the blouse matched perfectly. 
As I was assuming in my latest post where I was justifying wearing my coat so often, in Dallas the weather got crazy with temperatures over 75F, so don't ask me if I was cold or not :D
Kisses, Dia.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

grey & black, let's hit the jackpot

En: I hope I haven't bored you with my grey coat yet. I promise it's the last post with it. This time I just wanted to show you how it looks in the mix with a dress. Also considering that in our sunny Texas February it's already spring I won't get to wear it any longer. 
A two-color look, simple but that makes me feel comfortable and at ease. I don't get to wear a lot of dresses, I usually go for the cosiness of the pants, but this dress in particular it's pretty wide around the waste and it gives me the freedom to move easily. Plus it's a double hit, weather you want to wear it at work or for a casual night out. The headband was mainly an addition to the simple image of the whole outfit, considering I barely do anything with my hair, I said I'd get at least one hair accessory, even though it was over worn for the past 2 years.
So what do you say, yay or nay?
P.S: The credit goes to my wonderful Lalo, check and like his page

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's move to New York...

En: So I guess there is a solution out there for those who want to move to New York but are claustrophobes and don't like the small studios, or for the girls who are afraid that they won't have enough space for the closet. Check this video. I was shocked and impressed by this guy's genius mind. I really admire his inventiveness, but at the same time I wouldn't consider this specimen as a potential boyfriend ever. Do you realize how anal and perfectionist he is, I bet I'd run around all day with sticker notes on my forehead for not doing the right things :D
Ro: S-a gasit solutia perfecta pentru cei care vor sa se mute in New York da-s claustrofobi, nu le plac spatiile mici, sau fetele care se tem ca nu vor avea spatiu suficient pentru garderoba, priviti video-ul de mai sus. Eu am ramas profund impresionata de acest talent, admir ingeniozitatea, dar cred ca totodata as evita un asemenea boyfriend, va dati seama cat de perfectionist e, cred ca as umbla cu stickere cu obiectii lipite pe frunte in fiecare zi :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

Socks and Heels

 En: Here in Texas we always have a dilemma, it's never too cold for pumps in winter but at the same time to me it seems weird to see women wearing just pumps or sandals with no stockings or pantyhose. It's still January, from where I come from it's the time when we rock warm boots. So I found this socks trend the optimal solution for the Texan mild cold winter days. Throw on  a pair of socks and your favorite pumps or sandals and the problem is solved in an interesting, a less boring, but most of all healthy, way. We've had an alert on this trend for the past 2 years, long socks over the knees short over the ankles they all work perfect. I like it! What about you girls?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Is red too hot for a business day?

En: I know it's Friday, that casual Friday when we can wear our jeans to work. But today's 2 pieces business mix  is more of a potential idea for a Monday. Do you remember the post 'Strictly Business' where I showed you some ideas of business outfits taken from Vogue and I promised I'd come with a personalized outfit. So here we go I kept my word and today I came up with a mix made of 2 pieces a simple but elegant shirt and a pencil skirt. The visual connection between the 2 items is the belt, the key item, very trendy at the moment, the glossy magazines tell us we can't miss having one in our closet. So just like Alinka says, let it be, if we need one we'll get one. The skirt is another smart purchase of hers if we consider the price and the quality. How cool is it to have a sister, instantly your wardrobe is two times bigger and same for her.
So if to keep the tone of the post until the end, I wish you a hot weekend just like the colors of my outfit. The red made me think of Valentine's day, one more month to go! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Skinny ripped jeans

En: I am trying to figure out how to relate coherently the jeans from today's post and one of my new year resolutions... I bet you guessed already which one, it's about loosing weight! Taking the sugar out turned to be efficient, so in a week it made it possible for me to fit into my teenager jeans :) I am exaggerating a bit, the jeans aren't that old nor am I. But certain is that I had them for a while, and they couldn't fit me for a while too :D It made me remind of that episode from Sex and the City, when Miranda finally got into her teenage skinny jeans from 1985. I tell you guys, 'cuz women know already, this is pure happiness. And like all happy endings, the girls went and celebrated with a Cosmo, or more.
Some may say I am crazy, that I have never been fat, mom will say that I am pretty anyway and who truly loves me won't care about how much weight... I say I like to be bitchy skinny, so my skinny jeans can fit me. And I will be, in a week or more, haven't hit the scale low enough yet. And that's when I'll need a Cosmo too!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Royal Blue Jan

En: The salvation of shopaholics like me is many times T.J.Maxx. I bet you've heard before about this great outlet. You can find awesome things at awesome prices. Like this shirt-dress for example. Just when I said I'm done with shopping for a while...
I found it when I was actually looking for some towels, now you can imagine the towels and the clothes are in different departments, but I guess temptation is the biggest sin us women inherited from Eva. It's just impossible to go to a store just for towels. The argument that saved my honor in front of my own conscience was that it costed only 20$. So no regrets at all, especially when I cut its textile belt and made it a headband. This way I look more girlie.
How do you like it?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year thoughts

En: Here we go, we've entered the new year, maybe back home the holiday spirit is still in, considering that our people celebrate the Christmas on the 7th of January, but here in Texas it's gone, like December was never before January. Work started, I started actively my diet on the 3rd.
Naturally i couldn't start it on the 1st as we were hangover and there was still plenty of food from the NYE's dinner. No alarm, I am not going to starve, I've just cut the sugar out for 2 weeks, that means no bred, nor rice, no potatoes, pasta or anything else that contains carbohydrates. It's basically a lot of vegetables and fish. I consider it a detox process as well. Just in time to fit in a smaller size for the semi annual sales. Even though I am not in the mood for shopping, as banal it may sound. Maybe because the Christmas present chase got me exhausted, I don't want to go again through crowded stores and fitting rooms. This beginning of year I want something less ephemeral that the commercial trends. So I created a list, that reflects some long terms resolutions and habits that I will try to inherit this year.