Saturday, July 28, 2012

Floral print

 En: As promised here is the second outfit from the shooting I had with Lalo, the artist says the red one is his favorite, my soul says he prefers the flower print. It's another vintage piece that I got from the same place. Love at first sight, another premiere in my wardrobe as I never wore something like this before, a very classic cut, it reminds me of the dresses my mother used to wear back in the 90's, I remember perfectly she had something very similar, big flowers printed on silk, she was flawless. Is that kind of picture that stapled back in my mind for ever, is one of the images that comes up every time I think about her. Regarding the accessories I tried to play a bit with light blue earrings and ring, trying to keep the same range of colors, but just enough to have a bit of pop-out.  Going back to my outfit, the backstage was more proper for the red jumpsuit but I guess it worked good enough for this one too, I'll leave place for your opinion. So what do you think?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer girl

 En: Here we go again with my beautiful sister in front of my camera and your computers. You''ll ask: - Again neon? I'll answer: - I guess she likes it a lot. Anyway bright color blocking is always more than welcome. I call it trends with benefits :D. It's not disputed, colors affect us, but if is the right mix then they become a therapy for the eyes. So in my opinion the outfit she is wearing is the right mix, casual and chic, just perfect for a summer day. The hair made up in braids it's easy to wear all day long and saves the scalp from the heat. And going back to summer what about yours, how is it going? Bragging about mine: is gonna be full of sun and colors in a week on the beach! I hope you enjoy it to the maximum; party, read a nice book, make it generate nice thoughts, nice actions and nice habits for you!
xoxo Dia.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Red allure

En: Red is a very emotionally intense color, it enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. OK don't freak out, I know this is not really me, but experiments are always welcome. The vamp woman image does not represent me, not even the red color. I guess I could count on my fingers the times I dressed in red my whole life. But honestly I was surprised to see it actually worked out fine, when my friend Lalo called me for a photo shooting. It's his first one, as recently he followed his passion and took some photography classes. Maybe I am being subjective but I think the results are great for a beginner. The setting is actually the basement of a building in downtown Dallas, you may think it's a bit creepy but it seemed to work out perfect with my vintage jumpsuit that I was telling you about the other day here. What is your opinion :)?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Charlize heats up the cover

En: Hi guys, have you seen the latest cover of W magazine? Inside it hosts the full version of the pictorial with one of the most sensual and beautiful women of all times, Charlize Theron. Next to her you'll see Prometheus co-star Michael Fassbender. The Hollywood celebs embrace and entwine in the photos dressed in leather outfits, and Theron in particular seems to have really enjoyed it. She told the magazine she is comfortable with naked scenes: "It depends on who you're doing the sex scene with. I don't have issues being naked. That sounds very slutty..."
Enjoy guys, Charlize is one of the celebrities I admire for several qualities like beauty and intelligence!
P.SL: And of course for the mile long legs!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Matching beige&pink, baby-doll at night


En: Probably you have noticed that the feminine baby doll dresses are my style. In my opinion us woman we have to know our bodies, to acknowledge its plus-es and minus-es, unless you are the Megan Fox type which means you are perfect and you don't have anything to worry about. But we are so self-consciuos about ourselves that no matter how good we look we will find something we don't like . I know my body is not perfect starting with the height and ending with the full hips I was blessed with, they are the number one thing I tend to hide, this is why I say the bloomer body skirt fits me the best, as it reduces visually the thickness of my hips and thighs. I opted for a beige dress from Zara, that used to be longer last year when I bought it but suffered a small alteration and became shorter, so this way it makes me look a bit taller. Accessorized with a pink belt it matched perfectly the shoes which shared the same color combination. OMG you can tell I am obsessed with matching and combining. How do you like the result?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Chic on the streets of Dallas

En: Another Dallas street style up-date! Our fashionistas keep up with world-wide street-stylers, true they are not as many as in NY, Milan or even Chisinau, but still doing good! What I like the most about some american fashionistas is that even if the temperatures are over 95 F they will have a blazer on for the sake of style and fashion and if they feel like wearing boots they will do it. I am an not an extremist when it comes to make fashion choices but I don't like stereotypes: what to wear, when and what season; like one of my good friends used to say: fashion is a state of mind; and that explains it all. 
Which one is your favorite?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happiness is all we want!

En: Choosing the pictures for this post was very difficult, they are all so beautiful, colorful and full of life, I took like 150, but don't worry I won't display them all.
This post is dedicated to happiness, to finding it in every little thing, because it seems we don't need that much to be happy. Abraham Lincoln said long time ago that ''we are as happy as we make up our minds to be''. I made up my mind, and I want to be very happy, and I know I will, maybe because I am trying to see the bright and positive side in every little thing. As for the emotional-inspirational part of this post served the same feelings of happiness and joy I was just talking about; idea-wise I was inspired by the romantic balloons from Sofia's Coppola look for Miss Cherie Dior. We didn't have Paris in the background, but we had the little 'Venice of Dallas', (this is how it's called the area I live in) my beautiful sister as model, an amazing weather and a crazy mood!
Enjoy and have a crazy beautiful week!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Exquisite it's the word of the day!

En: This time I'll go by the definition to make sure I got it right: 'vintage clothing is generic term for new or second hand garments origination from a previous era'. The other day while walking in Uptown I found a beautiful second hand vintage boutique that inspired retro and chic until its last molecule. From Escada, Lanvin, Moschino Couture, Emanuel Ungaro, Dolce & Gabanna to Valentino the shop kept me excited until the last moment I was there. Exquisite pieces that I didn't experience before, they were all screaming art, beauty and history. I usually don't go by the brand but in this case when you get to have dream pieces at affordable prices it's inevitable. For Dallas fashionistas the store is called Archive Vintage and you can find it in Uptown on Mapple avenue, check their website, the salesman told me that they always keep it up-dated and you can shop online.
Well what about if I stop talking and you start getting more impressions from the images below. Check the  gorgeous red jumpsuit I got and the adorable flower print dress. Very soon new posts wit each of them, I promise I won't keep them anonymous. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maxi skirts took over

En: Maxi skirts and dresses took over this year we all know, they are everywhere. I remember they were stylish back in the 90's too when my sister was just a 5 year old kid and she used to take all my Mom's skirts and wear them around the house, poor mom... :) Now she has her owns. The one in the pictures below I love it for its mint color which represent another trendy tendency of 2012. It is not the fancy kind, it's pretty simple the one you would pull out for an evening walk, a movie night or any other low key occasion. Another element that I like are the yellow gladiator sandals, I adore the combination of the colors, yellow always compliments blue, I think the only thing is missing from this color blocking set is a yellow ring or earrings. What is your opinion?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sales fever

En: Let's talk about sales today, the semi annual ones, how cool are they, except the fact that they start in June, just one month before taking the holiday leave, and the strength to save as much as possible for the trip becomes so harsh.
Most retailers have sales in early summer to clear out seasonal merchandise and make room for new things they can sell at full price in the fall. Clothing stores including Nordstrom, Saks, Victoria's Secret and home-decor chain Williams-Sonoma all have these sales — as do many small retailers. All the online giants like Asos, last call by Neiman Marcus have attractive deals, especially check them for the next season items: boots, jackets, blazers and coats; -50% -60% are magic numbers. A small tip, you have to check Nordstrom for shoes and Neiman Marcus for bags and shoes, brand and designer items at a real low cost.
I got this beautiful skirt at Urban Outfitters for a miserable price of 20$ and the sweater for 10$, considering the initial price I broke the deal saving at least 70%, I can be a big spender, but believe me I am happier when I find great pieces for nothing. The women logic is simple: the budget stays the same, but the items on the list keep increasing.
What about you, did you get to feel the sales heat, what is the best deal you got this season?

Friday, July 6, 2012

New York is always a good idea

En: I believe it's the last post about my trip to NYC, I took a lot of pictures, I could make up posts about it for a month non-stop, but I don't want to bore you, it's better to go see it yourself if you've never been before, or check-it again if you have been.
I was telling you a few days ago on Facebook that I have never seen a city that offers so many different views. If the bustle in downtown is too much for you, go check the improvised beach in the port, have a beer, relax, imagine you are in San Tropez. If you think the luxury in Upper East Side is too much, check the China town in downtown, it's a huge contrast that makes you understand that there is place for everyone in this city, but not everywhere. Overall the city is a swarm that seems to never stop moving in its down and middle side, and presents an upscale and bohemian citadel in its upper side, that reminds you of the places and the characters from Gossip Girl; but overall if we look at its architecture  we realize that the city was created by people who adored it, genius minds and hard workers.
There's nothing more I could tell you, at a click on Google there is much more to read, I'll just remark that I would go back anytime, New York is always a good idea.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An eclectic brunette

En: There she is, my brightest star. As I promised a couple of weeks ago I will have my sister Alina host this blog too, for diversity and for those who prefer brunettes :). I hope you welcome her with lots of likes and shares just like our virtual world requires :)
And again neon, if last time it was an eclectic lime skirt, this time we chose eclectic lime neon shoes, lime shorts, nail polish and accessories.  A whole bunch of lime for a single outfit, but it's summer and just like the designers and street-stylers tell us it's worth it this season and we gotta reinvent it as much as possible.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Manhattan at night, evening cruise!

Ro: Din start va spun ca nu credeam ca ajung sa mai scriu azi pe blog la cit de extenuata sunt. Orasul asta m-a stors de puteri, nu am mai fost intr-un alt loc atit de concentrat in care sa nu se mai termine punctele de atractie, de 3 zile sunt pe contracronomentru si am impresia ca nu mai dau de capat. Azi nu va povestesc despre toate lucrurile pe care le-am facut ci doar despre unul care mi s-a parut diferit, inedit e vorba despre o tura cu barca in jurul Manhattan-ului noaptea. O feerie, o poveste, mai multe nu va spun ca dealtfel adorm in fata calculatorului, si oricum imaginile vorbesc mai mult decit cuvintele, dar promit in urmatorul post o disertatie pe experienta mea in aceatsa citadela!