Friday, April 27, 2012

Casual & Chic little princess

After the Middle-East I flew to my homeland Moldova, to visit my family, friends and to attend my BFF's wedding. So I am enjoying time with my homies, but the most of it I do it with my gorgeous sister. This post is dedicated to her. Her little princess spirit comes out naturally, but the outfit of this post accentuates it more. She had the idea of this skirt long time ago, as she couldn't find it in the stores, she decided to do it custom made. As the actual trends tell us we can match chic with casual, we combined the white, flawless skirt with a denim shirt, I think the result is pretty impressive and inspiring. You decide and have a great weekend everyone. 
She was wearing:
Forever 21 denim shirt
Custom made skirt
Steve Madden pumps
Relik watch

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dubai (last part)

As you probably saw on Facebook, I have uploaded a few pics from the past 2 days as teasers, well this doesn't sound modest at all, but it was more convenient to upload from the phone as I didn't have time at all to open my computer.
Friday and Saturday were the most exciting days of my trip, the first day I took a sightseeing tour of the city, for the first time I saw a mosques, an authentic middle eastern bazaar, the Dubai creek and museum, and mainly how life in desert looks from the perspective of a local. Later at night I checked the panorama from the top of Burj-Khlaifa and then I went with the girls for an original shish-ah.
The next day I tried the wild Safari. From my perspective this is the best part of Dubai, .

Oh, oh trouble!
Ah, adrenaline for a whole month ahead!
 I din't try to ride the camels, I thought the poor animals were too exhausted.
Dinner was delicious!
The girls painted their backs, it came out nice for a 1 minute job!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The journey continues in Dubai

The Dubai journey continues. I wish I could posted more often, but really there was no time for this, during the day I was working, the evening I was trying to catch up with the city as much as possible. But the weekend begins today, as UAE is a muslim country, Friday is a holiday in here, a day they take to pray and rest. So two more full days left for sightseeing and experiencing.
So far, I have checked the biggest mall in the world, the record-setting choreographed fountain, the Armani Prive Pub, the Dubai Marina zone, and as for my work the Jebel Ali free zone and the port. Still more things to see.
If you'd ask me the impressions about the city, my answer would be average, it is not something that I would choose to come back for vacation, as beach I believe there are many other nicer destinations. Still, as my first visit in an Arabic country, it was nice to see their traditions and habits, like the dance in the picture below, the way they pray 5 times a day, their regulations, besides the high scrappers I liked the authentic architecture taken like from the fairytales with Aladdin :)), but still looking forward to seeing more like the Wild Safari.
'Till the next post my dears.
Yachts, good, very good!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Middle-Eastern Experience

Happy Easter to all my Christian Orthodox friends!
Hi dear all. Sorry for missing for so long, the past week I was busy arranging the trip to Dubai. So far I don't have much to share with you. I had a nice experience flying with the Emirates, it was a long flight, almost 15 hours, but because the jet was well equipped, and every passenger had a small LCD tv in front I watched like 5 movies (Crazy Stupid Love, One week with Marilyn, The Abduction, Dauphin Tale, The New Years' Eve) and the time flew fast.
Like I mentioned before I don't have much to share at the moment just some views of my beautiful hotel suite, and a sunset pic, even though I was tired I couldn't resist not going checking on the beach, have a coffe and shish-ah on the patio at Atlantis and Jumeirah hotels, I said to myself sleep can wait. But more pics to come up tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 9, 2012

50's retro style skirt

I have told you this before and I keep repeating: Zara is ridiculously popular, I mean look at me again, I am wearing the same T-shirt in the second post in a row. You would say I am missing originality or I don't change clothes, in fact I am a T-shirt lover, and this one seemed to work well with the skirt you saw in the previous post and with the one you see below which is also from Zara, it was love at first sight and is one of my favorite skirts ever. I always used to think that the full-fluffy 50's style looks the best on me, as I am not a tall girl with long legs, it gives a dolly and very feminine allure.
And now a bit of history about the retro style, that I found on the Unique Vintage website

'In the 1940’s, because of the war, there was a general moving away from fabulous dressing. The government asked the designers not to be wasteful, including using unnecessary amounts of fabric, materials and trimming. The bias cut, 1930’s silhouette slowly disappeared and was replaced with a new simplistic style. In the 40’s, attitudes about style and dress were becoming more and more casual. Dresses often had wide shoulder pads, a nipped in long waist and a full skirt that fell just below the knee. In 1947, Dior decreed skirts should rise only 12” or 15” off the ground with a nipped in waist and curved bust that he called the ”New Look”. . So the full skirt persisted in the 1950’s, just shorter this time, often at or above the knee.'

So I am very grateful to the 50's designers for not wasting material, for coming up with this simplistic but yet amazing style of dresses later on skirts that can be combined with T-shirts and not necessary blouses!
P.S: I guess you've noticed my new Marc Jacobs acquisition (sunnies), proud and very in love with it, the top frame is multicolor: yellow, white and grey.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mint & Yellow madness

There are several reasons why I love the actual fashion trends that pop colors one after the other. Yellow, green, mint, flower or geometrical prints, they are all bright and calm at the same time, attract attention and make me feel good.
Even for sunnies I went for yellow mixed with white and grey, I'll show you the new pair that in the next post.
Meanwhile enjoy the Easter holidays close to your beloved ones; eat, laugh, make your souls happy.
What about some trendy baby chickens?