Thursday, June 28, 2012

Empire State of Mind...NYC

Ro: Despre New York multe s-au scris si se vor mai scrie, este un oras  unic toti o stiu, dar fiecare trebuie sa simta pe pielea sa ce inseamna si cum se percepe bucatica asta de pamint atit de cosmopolita incit daca ti se da intrebarea de unde ti-e accentul zici ca e nebun omul ala, intr-atit e de universal si poliglot orasul, si astea sunt impresii doar de citeva ore. La sigur nu va voi spune nimic nou sau ceva ce nu ati mai auzit pina acum, orasul e o forfota totala, e o hyper miscare, nu am mai vazut atita lume la un loc nicaieri, nemaivorbind de taxiuri care se opresc sa dea jos niste clienti si sa ia altii. Mi s-a intimplat, exact ca in filme, sa opresc un taxi si sa mi-l ia altcineva de sub nas, si cind spun altcineva ma refer la un barbat, zic ce naiba ma, astia nu au maniere? Raspuns la intrebare inca nu am, dar intuiesc deja, dupa cum spune cintecul lui Jay Z - New York, concrete jungle... 
Am aterizat dimineata la 10 pina am ajuns la hotelul din Manhattan era 12 deja, ne-am cazat si ne-am pornit spre Downtown Manhattan mai exact spre Little Italy pentru ca iubi al meu vroia sa vada semifinala europenelor Italia-Germania, nu am fost impotriva, atmosfera intensa de grup imi place enorm, dar despre asta intr-un alt post. 
Spre seara am plecat sa vedem ce presupune o seara de joi in Manhattan, am ales penthouse lounge-ul din hotelul Gansevoort, ca sa intelegeti mai multe vedeti pozele de mai jos. De miine se incepe sightseeing intensiv, mers pe jos, si mai multe impresii si mai multe posturi. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fresh new blonde hair

En: Monday, a beautiful sunset, a cold mojito, my favorite salmon bruschetta, a brand new, fresh blonde hair, the t-shirt and the sunnies of my boyfriend and a weekend mood; it seems this week it's going to be amazing starting with it's first day. Wednesday it's packing day and Thursday morning I'll be greeting the glamourous and easy-going New York city.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lime neon skirt

I saw this skirt accidentally, I was exiting a store and supposedly I was done shopping for that day, but the bad karma of my debit card said no, there is one more thing. Well, it seems it wasn't that bad for me as the first moment I put it on, I said it's mine, as for me it takes for ever to fall in love with a skirt.  Lime neon is one of the brightest colors ever so I neutralized it with a grey top and black shoes, as per clutch I opted for my daily multifunctional and multicolor wallet. For all Dallas fashionistas (I don't want to keep anonymous the name of the store where I got this goodie) do not hesitate to check the Movida boutique on Mockinbird Station, they don't have much online, but the cozy store is worth to be seen. Godluck :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Army pants

En: I guess you have noted I am totally a pants girl. Wether is work or a regular Wednesday night out is pants that I feel like wearing most of the time, can't deal with it. Last night I have chosen a large 4 pockets army-style; and the best thing I like about them is that they make my legs look long. What a joy, on the other hand you enjoy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Blake Lively for Marie Claire again

Have you seen the latest cover of Marie Claiere issue, if not then you definitely have to, because it hosts again the gorgeous Blake Lively (I think she has more covers than any other celebrity for this particular publication). 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The perfect sandals

En: I guess every girl has experienced moments when looking for the perfect item of the season realizes at some point that the search takes longer than expected. The same happened to me; for the past 5 weeks I was trying to find the perfect sandals, I got a couple of pairs in the mean while (the blue ones that you saw here and the brown here), but they were just the type of reserve elements. Well, I  finally found the ones, I finally can brag about them, I am now happy and at peace;

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Leather dress

En:Leather items are kind of a prohibited territory for me, you have to pick them really carefully, otherwise you risk to look extravagant and vulgar, and then I think they look the best on skinny girls, the very skinny ones. So today I dared to wear something like this too, even though I am not the very skinny type, well it was the model of the dress that convinced me to buy it, but also it was the faux-leather texture that made me think it would be a new kind-of piece in my wardrobe. I accessorized it with almost anything except a metal watch, for the reason that leather already looks more, and I really love the rule "Less is more'. What do you think?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hermes chopped off or is it show off?

EN: So E! just launched a new reality show, in which the wife and daughters of Clint Eastwood are the main protagonists. I see it as another Hollywood wife who is tired to remain in the shadow of her famous husband and brakes the anonymity. So on a recent episode the older daughter Francesca Eastwood the owner of a 100k Crocodile Hermes bag takes a picture of her younger sister with the bag. At this instance their mother is making a disapproving face, and the girls are asking 'what is the matter', so she is like 'I don't like it, because this bag could build 4 schools and Africa, could feed a whole block with homeless people, etc'. Well the lady is right, so Francesca decides that she wants to get rid of this bag because she realizes this is material addiction, and the best way she or the producer of the show found is to burn it and chop it and make a nice photo shooting of it. Now my question is, if the bag was a real Hermes, then you have to be very stupid to do that, why wouldn't you sell it and donate the money to charity and build some schools in Africa (or even in Moldova), like her mother said. But because even for the daughter of Clint Eastwood $100,000 is a big amount of money, I believe the bag was a replica and they whole idea of the scene was just to show-off.