Friday, February 10, 2012

Dallas Art District Yardsale

Yesterday I checked the fashion industry gallery in downtown, a finale designer sale for women's clothes, shoes and accessories, which included also a preview cocktail party. Beautiful people, nice music, good wine and friends made a great atmosphere.
Below I selected a few pictures of some fashionistas which looks got my attention and some photos with the setting of the yard sale. I enjoyed a lot the event, as like most of  women I love to dig into shelves and racks and to spend money. Viva the sales!
This girl was adorable!
Camille, my new friend rocked this maxi dress.
 Kate flirting with the PRADA glasses!
 I loved her rubber boots and bracelet!
 Oh, a guy ;)!
I couldn't resist do not show you this beautiful Michael Kors faux-far veste!
The beautiful&shy Heather and Kristen Bell's twin :D Courtney
 And modest me, at the end!


  1. OMG, how fun and you saw so many fashionable women and one guy too . hehe. Fashion week is so exciting and you got some really good photos.


  2. looks like a fun event love the photos!!
    thnx so much for stopping by & leaving me a comment:))

  3. I love your friend's maxi dress. Such a pretty silhouette!

    1. yeah for sure, tall and fit, the ideal shape!