Friday, June 1, 2012

Hermes chopped off or is it show off?

EN: So E! just launched a new reality show, in which the wife and daughters of Clint Eastwood are the main protagonists. I see it as another Hollywood wife who is tired to remain in the shadow of her famous husband and brakes the anonymity. So on a recent episode the older daughter Francesca Eastwood the owner of a 100k Crocodile Hermes bag takes a picture of her younger sister with the bag. At this instance their mother is making a disapproving face, and the girls are asking 'what is the matter', so she is like 'I don't like it, because this bag could build 4 schools and Africa, could feed a whole block with homeless people, etc'. Well the lady is right, so Francesca decides that she wants to get rid of this bag because she realizes this is material addiction, and the best way she or the producer of the show found is to burn it and chop it and make a nice photo shooting of it. Now my question is, if the bag was a real Hermes, then you have to be very stupid to do that, why wouldn't you sell it and donate the money to charity and build some schools in Africa (or even in Moldova), like her mother said. But because even for the daughter of Clint Eastwood $100,000 is a big amount of money, I believe the bag was a replica and they whole idea of the scene was just to show-off.

RO: Canalul de televiziune E! a lansat un nou reality show ale carui protagoniste sunt sotia si fiicele celebrului actor Clint Eastwood.  Inca o sotie a unui barbat celebru care vrea sa iasa din umbra sotului  si rupe anonimatul. Deci intr-un episod recent Francesca Easwood, posesoarea unui model Birkin, piele de crocodil estimat la 100,000$ ii face o poza cu geanta surorii sale mai mici, la care maica-sa face o fata  de neaprobare, iar fetele mirate intreaba care-i treaba, si ea le spune, ca cel mai mul o irita faptul ca considerind pretul acestei genti s-ar putea construi citeva scoli in Africa, hrani citeva mii de cersetori, si multe altele. Doamna are dreptate, si se pare ca a influentat pozitiv asupra fiicei care decide ca vrea sa se debaraseze de aceasta geanta, pentru ca realizeaza ca e o dependenta materiala, si 's-a gindit' ca cea mai buna modalitate de a o face e sa o distruga si sa ii dea foc. Acum intrebarea mea, daca geanta e autentica, cit de nebun tre sa fii sa faci asta, nu o vinzi mai degraba si donezi banii pentru caritate sa se contruiasca niste scoli in Africa (da chiar si in Moldova), asa cum i-a sugerat maica-sa. Dar pentru ca nu cred in povesti, si pentru ca 100,000$ este o suma mare chiar si pentru fiica lui Eastwood, cred ca geanta arsa a fost doar o replica ieftina si toata ideea scenei a fost doar pentru fala.


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  2. Everybody's reaction was Woow; thanks for visiting Janice!

  3. I'm sure this was a fake bag!! They would never do that to a real one, and these people will do anything for publicity!!
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  4. amazing project

  5. I understand that they were trying to make a "statement" but they could have built a school somewhere in a poverty filled country instead of burning a bag,it's so senseless and wasteful!It's her money,but it's unmoral!

  6. I agree with all of you ladies!

    xoxo DIa!

  7. Where did the bag come from was it purchased by boyfriend photographer

  8. Well now, when they started to be accused and getting death threats, they tried to come with different excuses, and the boyfriend said he bought it, it's his money and whatever money he makes out of those pictures he made burning the bag he would donate them to charity!

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