Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint Patrick's day in Orlando

After Le Mans raceway in Siebring, we came back to Orlando, and went sightseeing the downtown. I love visiting new places, it doesn't matter where, what country or continent. I am always looking forward to finding something new. You might say US cities are similar, and you may be right, but all of them have something specific. Orlando is very green, has a lot of lakes around the city, and lots of palm trees, which Dallas is missing in order to look exotic.
It was the Saint Patrick's day weekend, so we met lots of people on the street on closed boulevards. Because it is an Irish holiday represented by the green color there was green everywhere: green fountains, green beer, green skirts, even green skilts.
Florida was very hot and sunny +30 on Celsius or 90 on Farenheit, so I got to wear my new D&G lovely sunnies. For the rest I wore a good mood and a big smile, so my weekend was perfect. Hope yours was the same. Now looking forward to a great week ahead, but I know is going to be a crazy busy one.
Loved the idea and her long legs!
 This skirt is a killer!


  1. Love that you included some street style photos ;) Your light colours all look great together...and looks like you had a fun time.

    <3 Cambria