Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March-Martisor!

I tend to feel and celebrate the holidays like I used to do back home in Moldova. Today is the first of March, officially the first day of the spring. After a tough winter (not referring to the one in Dallas) we are happy warm weather is about to come, like my lovely friend Lucia said it's the season of the stilettos and sandals. Also, back home for this particular day we have a tradition of giving away to the ones we like and love a 'martisor' - it is a symbolic hand made embroidery accessory that is attached on the chest the left side, close to the heart. It has a story as well, that you can check on google, but in short words it symbolizes 'the good winning over the evil'. 
Even though americans don't celebrate this holiday, I got my 'martisor-s' Sunday at the Romanian church, they were created by kids.
So today I got up early, dressed nice for work, put on my magic accessory and I was ready to go, I put on this short faux-fur vest and the white blouse to give at least a bit the look of the traditonal moldavian clothes (maybe it sounds banal).
Enjoy, and happy March - Martisor!


  1. Happy March!
    Haha, adore your chic outfit <3
    That silk blouse and fur combination is so glam!
    Adore you earrings too

  2. pretty outfit! I love your bag!


  3. Happy March! Thanks for sharing the handmade cards! Love the vest!