Thursday, April 19, 2012

The journey continues in Dubai

The Dubai journey continues. I wish I could posted more often, but really there was no time for this, during the day I was working, the evening I was trying to catch up with the city as much as possible. But the weekend begins today, as UAE is a muslim country, Friday is a holiday in here, a day they take to pray and rest. So two more full days left for sightseeing and experiencing.
So far, I have checked the biggest mall in the world, the record-setting choreographed fountain, the Armani Prive Pub, the Dubai Marina zone, and as for my work the Jebel Ali free zone and the port. Still more things to see.
If you'd ask me the impressions about the city, my answer would be average, it is not something that I would choose to come back for vacation, as beach I believe there are many other nicer destinations. Still, as my first visit in an Arabic country, it was nice to see their traditions and habits, like the dance in the picture below, the way they pray 5 times a day, their regulations, besides the high scrappers I liked the authentic architecture taken like from the fairytales with Aladdin :)), but still looking forward to seeing more like the Wild Safari.
'Till the next post my dears.
Yachts, good, very good!


  1. What a beautiful city...I love all of the lights and the big buildings! It looks very elegant. That red skirt you're wearing is so elegant too!

    <3 Cambria

  2. Thanks darling, it's a nice city to visit, not the best one though :) If you have a chance obviously use it :)

  3. you look stunning Sweetie