Monday, April 9, 2012

50's retro style skirt

I have told you this before and I keep repeating: Zara is ridiculously popular, I mean look at me again, I am wearing the same T-shirt in the second post in a row. You would say I am missing originality or I don't change clothes, in fact I am a T-shirt lover, and this one seemed to work well with the skirt you saw in the previous post and with the one you see below which is also from Zara, it was love at first sight and is one of my favorite skirts ever. I always used to think that the full-fluffy 50's style looks the best on me, as I am not a tall girl with long legs, it gives a dolly and very feminine allure.
And now a bit of history about the retro style, that I found on the Unique Vintage website

'In the 1940’s, because of the war, there was a general moving away from fabulous dressing. The government asked the designers not to be wasteful, including using unnecessary amounts of fabric, materials and trimming. The bias cut, 1930’s silhouette slowly disappeared and was replaced with a new simplistic style. In the 40’s, attitudes about style and dress were becoming more and more casual. Dresses often had wide shoulder pads, a nipped in long waist and a full skirt that fell just below the knee. In 1947, Dior decreed skirts should rise only 12” or 15” off the ground with a nipped in waist and curved bust that he called the ”New Look”. . So the full skirt persisted in the 1950’s, just shorter this time, often at or above the knee.'

So I am very grateful to the 50's designers for not wasting material, for coming up with this simplistic but yet amazing style of dresses later on skirts that can be combined with T-shirts and not necessary blouses!
P.S: I guess you've noticed my new Marc Jacobs acquisition (sunnies), proud and very in love with it, the top frame is multicolor: yellow, white and grey.


  1. Love your skirt sweetie! would you like to follow each other?:X

  2. Super cute look girl! Love your skirt! And you sunnies area amazing!

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  3. Love the way you style graphic tees with chic skirts, it's such a great idea! And this skirt is BEAUTIFUL...the silhouette is classic and flattering.

    <3 Cambria

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  4. Really like your skirt girl! <3


  5. Thank you so much for your nice comment - love your style!!
    Im following you too ;)

  6. I totally love how it looks with the tshirt <3 is perfect, really feminine :) following you now dear, lovely blog and style!