Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun times in Moldova!

If there is something I love a lot about my city Chisinau, is the night life.
Well, I should begin with the fact that in the capital-city there are more bars, lounges and clubs than all schools, kinder-gardens, universities, hospitals, police units, etc. added together across the whole country. This is not a fact to be proud of, for us as nation, but still it is a thing that we young people take advantage of when it comes to have fun.
So on each of my short trips to Moldova I try new places.  One of the places me and my friends checked last week was a karaoke bar, that was recommended that day by my Facebook friend and fashion blogger Gabi, that happened to organize the same evening a fun party with good music and sweet cocktails. We had a good time, between the karaoke singers we discovered a Fergie and a white Snap de Moldova. At the end of the night when being approached by the energetic host who was sharing her personally made cocktails, asking suggestions on how shall we name the cocktail, I was nicely surprised to know she agreed on naming it Peach Punch, just like my blog.
Now I am looking forward to finding a nice karaoke place in Dallas, my american friends are welcome to come up with suggestions and ideas.
Xo xo, Dia.

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