Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the Besties ♥ me + she (part I)

I have to admit that I am camera shy, I am doing better comparing to how I used to be a few years ago, but still shy. In autumn when I went on a small trip to Moldova (my native country) my sister told me she would like us to have together a professional photo shoot, I don't know how professional, some of you may ask... you will appreciate it yourself. I was excited on one hand as I loved the idea me + my sister, and I would get experience in front of the camera on the other hand. The photographer, a good friend of my sister, told us he wanted something bright and colorful. He picked the location in a old dumped house in the center of Chisinau, which made me think at the beginning that doesn't make sense,  but what he liked about it was the colorful wall in the back, so that made sense. Me as a person who doesn't have any idea in photography accepted and tried to do my best as model. Please check the result.

 She was born to be a model!

And the whole team in front and behind the cameras! Special thanks to Sklyareek!
And I know is kind of a bad habit to talk about the brands somebody wears, but I am gonna mention only the shoes, mine the triple colored (yellow, grey blue) are Steve Madden, Alinka was wearing open toe heels from Aldo.


  1. geniales fotos! ^^


  2. What fun photos, so cute how you and your best friend did a shoot together. You look great! No need to be camera shy!



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  4. great pictures, great colors and great team

    Herdiana Surachman

  5. wooow, amazing pictures, you both look adorable!


  6. great photos! so colourful and lively!! :)

  7. awww I love these pic's! this makes me think of my bestie and how much I freaking miss her :( Glad your bestie is close! I love your blog pretty lady!!thanks for the comment :) I just joined your blog and now following! Come check out my new post and click on "join this site" at the bottom of my blog page and we can follow each other! Would love to keep seeing your styles!xoxo