Thursday, December 15, 2011

In December the world is a better place!

Everybody is talking about Christmas, everybody is breathing Christmas,  the blogosphere is full of wish lists, malls are full of Santa's carrying babies on their laps, news are all about charity donations, Facebook is full of pics with Christmas trees, everybody is in charge, everybody is on mission, everybody agrees Christmas is the most beautiful holiday. All of a sudden end of November, beginning of December the world is a better place, beautiful things are happening. All of a sudden we start to think that human beings are not that bad, and probably we are not, but why do we need a holiday, a special occasion to remember we are so good, and we can do good for us and for all the others surrounding us.
So talking about Christmas and beautiful things happening, yesterday I went to Gaylord Texan Hotel & Convention Center in Grapevine to check the thrilling, chilling, one-of-kind (as exactly mentioned on the hotel's website) holiday attraction ICE. The hotel has built an amazing indoor wonderland (as we do not have much winter in Texas to keep the ice outside) created entirely of ice sculptures featuring famous cartoons characters like Shrek, Donkey, Panda, etc.
For this amazing attraction they have invited dozens of specialists from China which have worked nearly one month, almost 12 hours a day and have crafted nearly 1 million kilograms of ice. But at the end the result was worth the effort.
I will not say more, as I thing I have said enough for this post, just enjoy the pics, the Christmas atmosphere in your cities and your souls!


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  4. I totally agree with you, that everyone is living and breathing christmas now! Oh and that wonderland thing looks sooooo fun!! :)

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  6. hahah so funny and lovely pics!

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