Friday, December 23, 2011

I just could not, not brag about it!!!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Christmas is magic, but I guess the most exciting part of it, at least for us girls, are the presents. I was having a talk the other day with my friend Lucia, and she was impressed by the american tradition to buy Christmas gifts for all family members and friends, and not only gifts but things that the beloved ones were dreaming about the whole year.
Like every girl, each year I have a wish list, if all the items on that list are under my Christmas tree I don't know yet, as there are still a few days left until I'll unwrap all the cute boxes out there. In the same context my Santa made a little mistake and left one of the boxes meant for me without supervision, and I found it. Like a true woman that I am, carried by curiosity I opened the box and looked in it, and guess what...., one of favorite long-time desired secret wish list item was in there! So will you please excuse my gumption and my lack of modesty but I just could not brag about it!


  1. Oh my! This shoes are to die for! Seriously! They are STUNNERS! Love everything about them!
    Btw, great idea to take photos of them on the chess board! Cool!



  2. I think if I was in your place I wouldn't resist either, I would have to see what it was :)


  3. thank you for ur lovely comment on my blog

    this is an amazing christmas present ur a very lucky girl ... bet u are happy and hope all ur wishes come true x x x
    follow back for a follow x x

  4. Awesome shoes!!
    Loved them :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog 0:)