Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inside my b-day party

En: 'Go girl is your birthday' was the song of the night obviously, it's also one of my favorite songs. I had a nice birthday party with the dearest people around, Alina and Dima as bartenders, so if you see below some too happy faces you know who to blame. I was writing the other day on facebook that I got another kitten for my birthday this time was a cute, white she on the surprise cake, thanks to Alinutsa, Dima and Pramit for the secret conspiration.
There is no more to say, we had fun and joy, took a lot of pictures as memories to remember when we'll be old how we used to party when we were young :). Enjoy your week!
Ro: 'Go girl is your birthday' iata asa toata seara pe una din melodiile mele preferate. Am avut o petrecere pe cinste, cu multi oameni dragi alaturi, Alina si Dima pe post de bartenderi, asa ca daca ulterior vedeti fete prea vesele stiti pe cine sa dati vina. Scriam mai daunazi pe facebook, am mai primit un motan cadou de fapt de data asta o pisica pe tort (merci Alinutsei, lui Dima si lui Pramit pentru secretoasa cooperare). Mai multe nu va spun, zbantuiala si voie buna si multe poze ca sa ne aducem aminte la batranete cum chefuiam la tinerete. Numai bine!

En: The bartenders!
Ro: Mult-distinsii barmani :))!
En: Towards the end of the night...
Ro: Si cam asta spre sfirsitul serii...


  1. La multi ani fericiti!
    Frumoasa ca intotdeauna...

  2. Ma bucur sa vad ca ai petrecut, asa e normal.

  3. La multi ani fericiti si optimisti in continuate d-ra Alina!!! Like your blog ,l-as denumi "Inside in a girls world" !!! Success d-ra balanta de la alta balantza care la fel iubeste frumosul!!! By Tudor A.

  4. Ce faine poze.. pur si simplu radiezi :)