Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strictly business

En: I don't know about you but I am having a struggle every morning when it comes to putting up my daily outfit. When I was a kid my mom used to tell, get your next day outfit ready the night before. But because it's proven I am more productive when I am facing the challenge I didn't use to do what mother said but the other way around. I'd make my mornings hectic and stay for minutes in front of my closet thinking on what to choose, not that I had a lot of choices back then, but still...The situation didn't change, I do this now too.
Vogue comes to help us with a what to wear for work guide. From the start I will make a remark. Their choices are pretty pricey, but this does not mean we cannot get inspiration and ideas. At the end we all know there are plenty of brands and stores out there that offer similar models at reasonable prices.
Ro: Nu stiu cum voi, dar pentru mine diminetile devin de multe ori hectice, atunci cind vine vorba sa imi aleg outfitul zilei. Cind eram mica mama mereu imi spunea sa imi pregatesc hainele de scoala pentru a doua zi de cu seara. Si pentru ca eu sunt mult mai productiva atunci cind sunt pusa in fata provocarii desigur nu faceam asa cum spunea mama ci asteptam dimineata de a doua zi ca sa stau in fata dulapului minute intregi si sa ma enervez (nu ca as fi avut multe optiuni pe atunci). Situatia nu s-a schimbat, asa fac si acum cind tre sa aleg outfitul pentru serviciu.
Vogue ne vine in ajutor cu un ghid despre ce sa purtam la serviciu. Din start o sa remarc ca majoritatea exemplelor lor sunt cam 'pricey',  asta insa nu inseamna ca nu ne putem inspira, pina la urma suntem toate la curent cu brandurile accesibile care ofera modele similare la preturi rezonabile.

En: I like the first picture in a particular way. It's a leather deux pieces, skirt and blazer, with rationalized and streamlined forms, simple but at the same time intriguing. It gives confidence and sex-appeal. I think that it doesn't matter how  rigid the piece is, if it is made of leather it is automatically sexy.
The second model has been inspiring me for a while- the masculine suit. Men are going to say we completely took over their world. I think some of them have resigned already.
Ro: Prima poza imi place in mod deosebit, un deux pieces din piele, fusta si sacou, forme rationalizate si rezervate, dar care emana incredere si sexualitate datorita texturii din piele. In opinia mea oricit de rigid nu ar fi modelul, daca textura e din piele atunci e si sexy.
Al doilea exemplu ma inspira de ceva timp, modelul costumului masculin. Barbatii o sa zica ca am invadat cu totul lumea lor, o parte din ei presupun ca s-au resemnat.
En: Putting two pieces together it's not simple as it seems. We need to know what to chose and how to combine for a impeccable result. A monochromatic blouse and slim, straightforward or bootcut pants (now pay attention to height and weight) it's a mix we'd be tempted to go for often.  Because it looks and actually it is effortless. In this case we just need to choose the right accessories for completition.
Ro: A pune 2 piese impreuna de multe ori pare simplu, pentru un rezultat de efect, cred ca e important sa stim cum si ce sa combinam. O bluza de o singura culoare si pantaloni slim, drepti sau evazati (aici deja tre sa fim atente la proportii: inaltime si greutate) e un mix pentru care am opta de multe ori deoarece pare si chiar este efortless. In acest caz ramane sa alegem accesoriile corecte pentru un look complet si ireprosabil.
En: I like the picture it is funny. I love dresses even though I don't get to wear them often.
Ro: Poza e funny, dar rochiile imi plac, chiar daca nu le port prea des.
En: What category are you in: heels or loafers? I guess I don't need to confirm again, I've said it too many times: heels all the way 'till the end. Below you can see some examples and ideas. It's up to you to decide what at fight you fell better.
I was surprised to notice that Vogue gives alternatives when it comes to prices, like Zara, Bebe, Ann Taylor, etc. At the end we can't all afford Dior and Stella McCartney.
Ro: Voi din care categorie faceti parte tocuri, platforma sau loaferi? Eu cred ca nu mai e nevoie sa va spun, am confirmat-o de atatea ori, tocuri pina ultima suflare. Voi deja hotariti la ce inaltime va simtiti mai bine.
Am atras atentia la unele poze de recomandare din articolul sursa, si am fost placut surprinsa sa vad ca Vogue vine si cu alternative de pret atunci cind da exemple ca Zara, Bebe, Ann Taylor si altele. Pina la urma moda nu e doar pentru cei bogati.
En: The last offered idea it's a bold one, take day to night. Put on a luscious blazer, a huge necklace and also an embellished clutch. Honestly for me this is too much. I may go for this probably the day before Christmas for the party with the colleagues.
I hope the article generated ideas for you. I've already put on my next shopping list the wide belt for dresses and  the leather pencil skirt.
Ro: Ultima idee oferita e nastrusnica, ne ideamna sa imbracam blazer-ul lucios de seara la servici, asortat cu colier imens si la fel de lucios si sa nu lasam nici clutch-ul impodobita acasa. Personal pentru mine asta deja e prea mult, probabil as aborda optiunea doar in ziua de dinainte de Craciun, cind facem party la serviciu :)
Sper ca articolul v-a generat careva idei, eu la am pus pe lista pentru shoppingul urmator centura lata si fusta creion din piele.



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