Monday, January 2, 2012

I cherish all I have, 2011 photo review

Sometimes I am not as original as I would like to be, or maybe I am too lazy and have partied too much lately, but since the blogosphere is all about 2011 preview and cherishing it, I will apologize and will keep going with the common flow.
A look of what has happened in the last 12 months is a blast for me. I had a beautiful year, this is why I hope the Dragon will be as kind and exciting as the Tiger! I have grown professionally and personally (I like to think I became a better person); I have made new friends and I have visited plenty of new places.
I have celebrated my 25th birthday with my best girls in Moldova!
 I had my beautiful sister visiting me for the second summer in the row in Dallas!
 We have visited Hollywood!

Got some Pacific tan in Santa Monica!
Met 'Hugh Hefner' in Vegas!

 Visited my favorite city San Francisco!

Got to see my bestie from high school in San Francisco!
We've got to shop in Milan!

Got to fall in love with Venice!

And the last but not the least got to visit the capital of USA!

P.S: For all these beautiful moments I am thankful to God and my family!


  1. Hi Dia,

    Thanks for your lovely comment!! Happy New year to you too!!
    You have some really awesome pictures.


  2. lovely photos :)
    happy new year!

    your newest follower Michelle

  3. Happy new year pretty girl!
    Amazing pic!!! Love your sunnies!!

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  4. Gorgeous photos! Happy New Year
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  5. Thank you girls,
    Happy New Gorgeous Year to all of you!
    xo Dia!

  6. oh how I love all the styles one here and how honest you are :) LOVE IT! now a follower darling :) come check out my euphoric styles and see what you like :) xoxo MUMU