Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My first haute couture experience (Jean Paul Gaultier)

Today I went to see the exhibition devoted to Jean Paul Gaultier and his designer label 35th anniversary, at Dallas Museum of Art. I was lucky to have the opportunity to check out this big event, as the international tour included only 2 cities in U.S (Dallas and San Francisco), two cities in Europe (Madrid and Rotterdam) and one city in Canada (Montreal). Actually the whole event was initiated, developed and circulated by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and then the exhibition embarked for the other cities.
The exhibition featured approximately 140 pieces from the designers haute couture collections and also few from his pret-a-porter lines, personal sketches, the famous cone corsets so much loved by Madonna and her crazy fan Lady Gaga (Madonna wanna be). The creations date since early 1970 until late 2010. For me it was amazing to see how hand made dresses created in 160 hours look like and to understand why are they worth 5 digits $.
Well, my word of honor I was really impressed, as the most important thing that I understood from what I've seen today is that it takes enormous work, dedication and visualization to create a career, it doesn't matter in what field/industry. This exhibition was my first of its kind, and it was not only pleasant for the eye, but as well for the soul, as it inspires and motivates to work hard and do in life whatever you like the most, in order for your work to be a hobby and not a job.
P.S: Again I apologize for the quality of the pics, as inside the museum it was prohibited to take pictures, but for the sake of the blog, I managed to cheat a lil'bit with the phone.


 I loved the idea of the off-handed catwalk

This was one of my favorites, which was said to be hand made in 148 hours.
Luckily I could find it on google for a better view.
Jean Paul Gaultier cow-boy/girl pret-a-porter collection, I want to believe it was created especially for 
Dallas :)

Autograph for us as well

For a better comprehension of all related above I will attach a video of the exhibition in Montreal, where the designer was present at the opening.   


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