Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lights all night, freaks all night

On  the 30th of December  I went to 'Lights all night' concert, where several dj's mixed from 7PM to 3AM. Mainly I went for Tiesto and Benny Benassi, they were the guys I anticipated the most. The event was something new for me, I can't say house music is my path but I was driven by the commercial side of the event which announced famous names.
New was also the fact that I didn't know people who go for this kind of concerts have a specific dress code, I was really surprised to see the colorful punk style on the majority of the attendees. Me and my girls seemed we wore totally wrong outfits, please don't expect any pics with us :))). 
Anyway, the big conclusion of the night was that my music taste is driven by pop, r&b, dance, everything is popular on TV and radio (my sincere apologies for the words I am going to use: 'I am a commercial slore').
Enjoy the pics I got to take with a few people that happened to be nicer than others.
P.S. will you please excuse the quality but they were taken with the phone, as we were not allowed to carry cameras inside.

 After all this I think I should have worn my Halloween little outfit, and for sure I would have fitted in much better :))


  1. Great photos, love your blog! you are gorgeous

    Hope you had a wonderful new year my dear!

  2. this pictures are all soo fun!! I bet you had a wonderful time
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  3. I am very traditional when it comes to music but this must be a very interesting and funny thing to do! Look at all of these people! They are amazing!
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  4. Hi I am folllowing you through gfc and bloglovin, however I don't see you among my followers so plesase could you please try again on both? I would really appreciate it!

  5. Pero cuantos disfraces! Que divertido1 ^_^
    Espero que hayas pasado una nochevieja genial!

    Un beso,

  6. Really amazing photos, I like them! Sounds like so much fun! Great post!

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