Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shopping list for tomorrow!

Shopping list for tomorrow!

En: OMG this polyvore is fantastic, don't laugh, I am a bit slow and I discovered it just now. Thanks to Alina Ceusan, one of my favorite bloggers who recommended it to me. Considering that I am so bad with editing programs it seemed like discovering America for the 2nd time. And now I am all into it like a kid into his first electronic toy.
So tomorrow we go shopping. I've seen a military jacket at Zara like a few weeks ago but I didn't get it at that time I thought Small was a bit loose on me, but now it seems it's supposed to fit like that; or there is the 2nd choice the leather studded jacket, but I think there are more chances to find the first one, plus it's probably cheaper. Maybe I'll get lucky and find the short wrist gloves, with leopard print as well. I attached the sunnies for fun, not looking for anything like that, but for sure I'll look up for a new Mickey Mouse case for the new iphone I recently order, curious to see what #5 will bring up, probably nicer pics on Insta. The studded bow tie is the forte-item of my list, I realized one more time that the accessories can definitely revive and reinvent an outfit, it can also save you a lot of money 'cuz you don't have to buy new clothes just play with the right accessories and the old clothing items. The beanie is also something I'd go for, since Myroslava Duma is showing off a new one which each appearance she makes I find it inspiring. Actually I bought today 2 beautiful berets from Target, they are the cutest things, I'll show them to you soon.
So now you know what I'm about to do tomorrow, shopping in the morning and check the Oktoberfest  in the afternoon, some German beer and sausage sounds just perfect. Let the weekend fun begin for all of us!

Ro: OMG polyvore-ul asta e genial, si eu ca o retarda abia acum l-am descoperit. Avand in vedere ca stau prost la capitolul programe de editare, mi se pare ca am descoperit America pentru a doua oara. L-am gasit datorita Alinei Ceusan, una din blogeritele mele preferate si acum stau ca un copil care a primit prima jucarie cu butoane. Deci miine plecam la shopping, am vazut cu cateva saptamani in urma la Zara jacheta military si tot ma bate gandul sa ma intorc sa o iau, sper sa o mai aiba in stock, ma mai trimite gandul si la o jacheta din piele cu tinte, ramane sa aleg, da cred ca prima varianta e mai viabila ca pret si sanse de a o gasi. Poate si niste manusele scurte pana la incheietura manii cu print de leopard avand in vedere ca e la mare cautare sezonul asta,  ochelarii i-am atasat de fun, dar nu si case-ul pentru noul iphone pe care l-am comandat recent, sa vedem ce noutati ne aduce nr 5, probabil poze mai frumoase pe Insta :). Papionul cu tinte e piesa forte a listei mele, recent m-am convinsa inca o data ca accesoriile reinvie si reinventeaza orice tinuta si de multe ori te scutesc de cheltuieli suplimentare pentru piese mai mari. Caciulitsele la fel sunt o slabiciune de a mea, si acum ca Myroslava Duma ne inspira cu cate una la fiecare iesire de a sa e imposibil sa nu vreau si eu una. Deci acum plec la culcare, dar maine stiti deja ce fac, dimineata la shopping si seara la Oktoberfest, la niste carnaciori si bere germana. Let the weekend fun begin for all of us!


  1. Polyvore e cel mai tare site! De cand l-am descoperit, acum 4 ani, nu cred ca exista zi fara sa ma joc putin ;))

    1. haha, mai rau de mine ca am descoperit ca se poate de jucat cu el abia acum :D

  2. Love the leather jacket and the leopard gloves :) x

  3. si eu sunt fan polyvore! :)

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  4. I am totally loving those sunglasses... very stylish and chic. WHat make is it?